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Estate Agent and Letting Agent Reviews
by 'Lauren' 25/01/2016 (tenant)

Darren was personable and quick to answer any of our queries. The moving process was hassle-free and well organised. Would definitely be happy to use this agency again!

by 'Ada' 14/01/2016 (tenant)

A very reliable letting agency. I had no problems with letting the flat or with any subsequent issues. Both Darren and Jane are very responsive and helpful. Any concerns I had were addressed quickly and effectively.

by 'Claire' 14/01/2016 (tenant)

Friendly, always happy to help when needed and responds to all emails pretty much straight away. A pleasure to deal with....

by 'Nurullah' 19/05/2015 (tenant)

He is best Agency Ever... thanks for everything man you are really nice man and helpful.. 5 star agency..I hope I will see him again as my new agency.....

by 'Michelle' 07/04/2015 (landlord)

Very professional company who are extremely knowledgable in this business. Unlike some companies they do not try and get you on their books by promising you a high rental income. The property was marketed competitively and within 2 weeks my flat was off the market. They listened to my needs regarding the type of tenant I wanted and I feel comfortable knowing my property is in good hands. Any issues the tenant has has have been replayed to me immediatelt enabling a quick turn around in resolving the problem therefore building a good relationship for all parties. Highly recommend.

by 'Philip heiser' 06/04/2015 (tenant)

I have found my dealings with able property to be very helpful, and any action required has been taken seriously, and dealt with to my complete satisfaction.

by 'Lorna Nembhard 20/03/2014 (tenant)

When I first came upon the property, my agent outlined in detail the requirements of the tenancy. Initially, the landlord required the prospective tenant to have a guarantor. I then informed him that I did not have one who met the requirements and I am in receipt of benefits, apologised for any inconvenience caused and said I hope they found the tenants the agency was looking for. Some time later, he got back to me to say that the flat was still available and if I was still interested could come for a viewing, of course I said that I was, however, he said he would try to convince the landlord to accept me as a prospective tenant without a guarantor and on benefits. I could supply a reference from previous landlady, the deposit and the assurance to be that type of tenant they were looking for. On seeing the property both my son and I were very much impressed on the refubishment that had been carried out. We expressed our interest in the propert and were told there was another interested party also coming to view. Later in the day the agent called to say we were unlucky as the other viewer was able to offer a guarantor, but he assured me he will continue to look for something for me. A week or so later, I received a call to say that the guarantor for the other party had dropped out and if we were still interested in the flat then it was ours! My son and I moved into our new home in August 2013.

by 'Mark O'Brien' 11/04/2013 (tenant)

Darren has been peronable and helpful with any issues we've had. There have been no major problems but with the minor problems we've had he has been quick to respond and has found a reasonable resolution.

by '14a Mabley' 19/03/2013 (tenant)

Very helpful. Darren showed me the property and made speddy repairs to any of the issues that we had in the flat. Very helpful and very friendly.

by 'Philip metcalfe' 20/02/2013 (tenant)

Able Properties had offered a very good customer service as and wheen required. Always polite and willing to help with questions.

by 'Leanne' 20/02/2013 (tenant)

Both Darren and Jane are very helpful and always happy to help. As a tenant I'm always well informed of anything I need to know (ie landlord visit etc) Finally if and when problems arise they are always sorted out imeediately. Very pleasant people to deal with.

by 'Zoe' 20/02/2013 (tenant)

I can't thank Darren enough for all his help due to circumstances, he made this happen for me, putting a lot of time and effort into me getting this property. Very helpful and rapid response to all my queries and emails! Would most dfinite recommend able management. Very professional and does his best to help. :)))

by 'Luca Modenesi' 09/08/2012 (tenant)

Darren was very kind and patient. He was able to provide explanations when requested, he also responded to our needs correctly and in a short time. Darren ha dimostrato di essere un professionista affidabile ed onesto.

by 'R Self' 28/07/2012 (landlord)

Able property management are my agent for approximately 23 properties. They are used in all examples for a full management service.
Having been with Able for about a year now, I am happy to say that the service has been informative, cosistent and beneficial in a number of ways.
They are always offering advice on ways to improve on my rental income whilst ensuring that my properties are still reasonably priced, therefore offering a good service to tenants.
Maintenance is always responded to quickly and they go the extra mile to ensure that the right price is being charged, whilst ensuring the work is done within good time.
Their fee's are very competitive and for all of these reasons, I see no reason to use any other agent for any of my properties both current and in the future as they cover most areas. I have already recommended this agent to some of my acquaintances, who have gone on to use them and also are very happy with the service.

 by 'Ilze Van Deventer' 26/07/2012 (tenant)

Able Property management delivers a refreshingly friendly, professional and thorough service. I am a tennant who has had a few issues with the property i am renting and Able Property Management was always very punctual and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recomendable

by 'Swavek Rurarz' 26/07/2012 (tenant)

I've been renting my flat from Able Property Managment since 2010. They are quick and reliable in dealing with any requests. I would recommend it to anybody who value professional service.

by 'Toni' 24/07/2012 (tenant)

I would definately recommend Able Property Management as they are very helpful, friendly and professional.

Darren is always quick to respond via email and telephone. Nothing is ever too much to ask. Great agent. :)

by 'J C' 24/07/2012 (tenant)

From the get go Darren has been extremely helpful, honest and efficient. I've come across so many lazy and pretty useless letting agents over the years that it is rare to actually deal with a letting agent who actually does a proper job.

An absolute pleasure to deal with and made the whole moving process that little bit less stressful.

by 'Maya Borowski' 22/12/2011 (tenant)

Able Properties have been helpful in dealing with most our issues, such as mould, mice and rats. All of those issues have been resolved. Also our issues with the noisy neighbours upstairs; they have done their best with that although the issues is ongoing, I feel that is mostly due to the landlord not wanting to take them to court. The Able team always strive to do their best for us, so I have no complaints.

by 'Rebecca' 14/12/2011 (landlord)

I live overseas, so Able fully manage my property. It is always let, the rent is always paid on time, and Able are always quick to address any maintenence issues on my behalf. I would definitely recommend them.

by 'Lena' 01/12/2011 (landlord)

After atrocious experiences with many Letting agents in and around Loughton and the UK. I vowed never to use Letting agents again. Only till I met Jane and Darren of Able Property Management. They have been, and still are, Beyond amazing and have put me at complete and utter ease. They restored my faith in using letting agents. Only them though!.

They are exceptionally personable, and their tenacity enables them to get the result that expected out of them and they do exceed that too by going the extra mile every single step of the way.

They are quick in understanding what I needed and what I was looking for. if needed, They take the time to know exactly what their client and tenant wants and need to match it exactly. They come up with ways and possible solutions for your situation if you are stuck. Being a woman on my own, I have seen loads of sharks out there that just want to get the house keys. But not Able Property Management. They are exceptionally friendly and professional. They also take the time to explain the laws and legal standings of various matters. They never rush you and never try to stuff any sales down your throught. It's a no win no fee, and never too late or too busy to talk to them.  They are simply the best out there! And I Guarantee, you will never be let down by them.

by 'Clleen Darvel' 24/11/2011 (tenant)

I found Able Property Management to be very helpful, We experienced smooth viewings & a very smooth move out.

Many thanks to Darren & his wife for a pleasant transaction.

Kind regards, Colleen

by 'Melissa' 23/11/2011 (tenant)

I have had an excellent experience with Able Property. Both Darren and Jane have been a pleasure to deal with. Any problems I have had at the property have been dealt with immediately and the have done everything one could wish for for a pleasant tenancy. Therefore I have no complaints or negative feedback to leave and have left the rating of excellent.

by 'Carmen Gray' 23/11/2011 (tenant)

I`m quite happy in general with the service provided by the state agents. He has been very nice, polite and fast any time we have had to solve any problems or doubts.

The relationship is very respectful, and not too bothering =), as I have heard another friends with very anoying landlords that come every day to check out things.

So I`m happy with the state agents agency, with the flat, rent, and communication between us.
The only complaints I could have are more related to some of the things in the flat, but I think they`re because it`s an old house.

by 'Andrea Arlandis' 23/11/2011 (tenant)

As a tenant I'm happy with the service provided. Every thing has been easy for us and our agent has been acting quick and effective responfing all our requirements. We even going to extend our contract because we are pleased to deal with an agent like this.

by 'Antish' 23/11/2011 (tenant)

Able property Management is the second managing we have been usiing so far and we are extremely happy with the level of services. Managing Agent should and need to be responsive and alert to the Tenant request and we have obtained an immediate solution to our problem so far. Able are ver accessible by phone/email , come back promptly and more importantly get thing sorted in a flash. keep up the Good work.

by 'Miss Smith' 22/11/2011 (tenant)

Really helpful agency - always quick to respond to any queries and very informative

by 'Emma' 21/11/2011 (tenant)

Overall, the service that we have received has been wonderful. When we have had issues they have been friendly and quick to respond. Always someone to speak to in the office.

by 'Portmay Properties Ltd' 21/11/2011 (landlord)

Manage 9 assured shortholds from collecting rent,reletting and repairs reporting each month with a full statement and depositing these rents in accordance with the statement every month. Since employing them they have brought up to standard all the flats by a program of repairs and inprovements very efffeciiently which resulted in increased rents and longer duration of tenancies.

by'Rory' 21/11/2011 (tenant) 

Very helpful, and considerate in every instance. Very responsive when we have problems with the property — getting new blinds put in, problems with doors etc. By far the most easy to deal with Landlords I have had, and I've had a few.

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