Estate Agent and Letting Agent Reviews

minimize to Maximize potential

The rental market has become even more competitive over the years and with high rental figures being achieved, today’s tenants have higher expectations. In order for landlords to obtain the best possible rent the property needs to be presented in the best possible way. The staff at Able Property Management can help you to show your property in the best possible light. 

  1. First Impressions– Make sure the property is looking its best by cleaning and clearing any dirt and rubbish to the front of the property as this will make the difference to any potential tenants wanting to inspect the inside of the property. It will also help to attract potential tenants passing by – particularly with an Able board outside!
  2. De-Clutter – You are going to want to show your property in the best possible light and therefore you will need to pack away or remove as much clutter as possible. Tenants will feel that if your belongings don’t fit in the property then they will feel that theirs wont either
  3. Decoration – The property ideally should be decorated throughout in neutral colours along with the carpet/flooring being clean and in good condition. This will make the property bright and airy while giving a feel of space.
  4. Cleaning – The property should be clean and tidy throughout including all windows, to allow in as much light as possible. The kitchen and bathroom should be spotless, beds made, carpets cleaned and garden areas trimmed. If you have pets or are a smoker then remove any odours.
  5. Inventory – Once the property is empty and ready for letting then it is worth having a professional inventory carried out to safeguard the condition of the property in the unlikely event of a dispute occurring.
  6. Agent – Contact Able for any further questions and advice for the letting of your property and with the arranging of an Inventory
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