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Moving In

  • Arrange for your post to be redirected to your new address
  • Make sure payment of rent is your first priority because non payment of rent can lead to being evicted
  • Make a note of the meter readings – Gas, Electric & Water
  • Check to see if there is a phone line connected at the property
  • Contact the Council Tax department and notify them of your moving in date and all tenant details
  • If there is an Inventory Report then check through this and make sure you are happy with everything stated on the report, if not then make notes of your own and notify your Landlord
  • Make sure your deposit is protected with one of the government authorised tenancy deposit schemes (your landlord or agent has 14 days to do this)
  • Make sure there is a copy of the gas certificate in order for you to know that the gas is safe (this only applies if there is gas at the property)


If your contract is coming to an end then you can choose to renew this after the fixed term has ended or you and the landlord can leave things as they are and let the tenancy become periodic, (rolling month to month). If you wish to vacate the property then you should contact the landlord at least two months before the end of the agreement or if the property is being managed by a letting agent then, they would generally write to you but its always best to notify them as soon as you have made your decision.

Moving Out

  • Write to your landlord or managing agent 2 months before you intend to leave or 1 month if you are on a periodic term
  • Make sure the property is left in the condition you found it ready for the check out to take place as this will be compared to the Inventory Report
  • Make sure the property is clean and tidy which includes, cleaning the carpets, removing marks off the walls, all the appliances, windows, skirting’s and garden etc. (you can always hire a professional cleaner if you don’t have the time)
  • Remove all of your possessions or you may be charged to have this done for you and the items may be disposed of!
  • Make a note of the final utility readings and have all the keys ready to be returned to the landlord or agent
  • If there are no disputes then you should expect to have your deposit returned within 10 working days of moving out
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